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Across the globe organisations are scrutinizing how blockchain technology can transform current processes, free them of the middle man and save significant costs. The potential is huge and possibilities limitless, however, there are considerable challenges to overcome before the benefits can be realised.

The inaugural APAC Blockchain conference, developed in partnership with the Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association, welcomed over 150 leaders at the forefront of blockchain adoption in March 2017.

The 2nd annual event is set to take place from 13-15 March 2018, and will focus on identifying the opportunities and overcoming the challenges to make this revolutionary technology a reality.

The event will look beyond the hype by bringing together captains of industry that are driving the change, world leading projects, innovative start-ups and regulators all into one place to share their knowledge and experiences.

“Enlightening and thought provoking”
Technology & Innovation Officer, Pacifix

Exploring opportunities and addressing key challenges to mainstream blockchain adoption

Understand where blockchain technologies can create value in your organisation
Learn from the pioneers with in-depth discussions on global projects across a wide range of industry sectors and applications
Discuss the most up to date policy, regulatory and standards issues impacting the APAC region
Overcome the challenges and constraints to deliver viable, value-based blockchain solutions
Get insights from local and international organisations at the forefront of commercializing blockchain tech
Examine the latest developments in policy planning, ICO regulation and standards for crypto currencies